Lip fillers will add volume and plumpness to the lips giving a natural result. Lip fillers are made from Hyaluronic Acid, a product found naturally in the skin, in the form of a smooth gel. Our approach is to treat gradually and conservatively, to ensure the result is subtle and balanced with your facial features.

Lips are an important part of facial beauty and can add appeal and youth to a face when they are well balanced with other facial features. Lip fillers can be used to plump, enhance or reshape thin or aging lips with natural yet transforming results.  As we age our lip colour and border fades, lines start to appear and lips thin. Whether you have naturally thin lips, lips that have thinned with aging or are looking for a more sensuous lip shape, lip fillers can safely and gently achieve a smooth and enhanced appearance.

All our injectors are very experienced, medically qualified, registered practitioners so you will be treated professionally and safely.  There are many different types of dermal fillers on the market but few that are both FDA approved and CE marked. We only use dermal fillers that are both FDA and CE approved to ensure that our patients are getting the best results using the safest dermal filler products on the market.

If you are considering lip enhancement treatment make sure to do your research to ensure that you only attend an experienced medical practitioner that use only FDA-approved products.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Lip fillers are not permanent and will gradually and naturally breakdown over time. The longevity of lip filler does vary from patient to patient as everyone breaks down the product at different rates. We use high quality products which offer long lasting results usually lasting between 6 - 12 months. We would recommend a top up treatment every 6 months to maintain optimum results.

    With any injectable treatment there is always risk of slight bruising or swelling which should only last around 48 hours. We will provide you with after care instructions to ensure the downtime is as minimal as possible.

    Numbing cream will be applied prior to treatment however advances in dermal filler products means that they now contain a numbing agent to help numb the treated area during treatment to aid patient comfort.

Length of Procedure

20-30 minutes


0.5ml £250
1ml £350 border Book Your Consultation arrow-icon

Before and After - Lip Augmentation


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