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PRP for Hair Loss

A Non-Surgical Hair Regrowth Treatment

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PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. Stimulation for the Re-Growth of Hair. 
PRP for hair loss is a non-surgical hair regrowth treatment. It uses the patient's own blood plasma to help stimulate hair growth.
The platelet rich plasma is generated from your own blood and separated to get the high concentrate plasma, often referred to as liquid gold. The platelets contain growth factors that are vital to initiate and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration leading to hair regrowth. 
With PRP for hair loss the platelet-rich plasma is injected directly back into any areas of thinning hair. A minimum of four treatments is recommended every two weeks in order to get the best results. 
We also have a bespoke service where we can combine PRP with another treatment called Nucleofill. The combination of the two treatments together can create outstanding results. An individual treatment plan is always created by our aestheticians so they can tailor it to you and your desired results. This can all be discussed within a consultation where they can usually start the first treatment on the same day. 

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