The Lumenis® IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) acne treatment enables your practitioner to greatly improve your skin appearance, reduce your acne, and treat the redness and pigmentation of your skin. This unique technology utilises light flashes and is a non-invasive solution with less collateral effects than oral medication. The procedure is fast and with no downtime, you can re-gain your confidence with just a few treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Depending on your individual needs, we typically recommend a series of 6-12 treatments depending upon your individual circumstances. Our Skin Aesthetician will devise a treatment plan based upon your needs and your schedule.
    The M22 IPL treatment will kill the P. Acnes bacteria present within the skin and help reduce inflammation. However, you will also have to care for your skin at home with the medical skincare recommended during your consultation. It is also very important to use a quality high factor sunscreen to protect the skin during the process.
    Treatment is not suitable for anyone who is recently tanned (naturally or artificially). There are certain medical conditions that may restrict treatment. Certain medications may also affect treatment suitability and results. This treatment is not suitable for those with darker skin types (Fitzpatrick scale 5&6) or for those with naturally fair, white or grey hair colouring. We can treat minors aged 16-18 with the permission and in the presence of a parent/guardian. Please contact our Laser Specialist who can advise you further on such issues.

Length of Procedure

Approximately 30 - 60 minutes



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