The Lumenis® Optima™ IPL for Rosacea treatment offers an effective visible improvement for telangiectasias (veins), redness and flush and overall skin appearance issues associated with the condition. The unique Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT™) gently and effectively removes skin imperfections and stimulates collagen and elastin fibre production. The procedure is fast and with no downtime, so you go in and out in a flash!

Frequently Asked Questions

    Typically a series of 3+ I.P.L. treatments is recommended, depending upon the severity of the condition. Our Skin Aesthetician will ultimately determine a treatment schedule based on your individual needs. Treatments are usually spaced in 4 week intervals.
    On average it takes 3 weeks to see the benefit of each treatment. However, many clients report an improvement in their skin earlier than this.
    The treatment is not painful but you may experience some discomfort similar to the sensation of an elastic band snapping on the skin. The sensation is transient and the M22 I.P.L. treatment is a much gentler system to any other systems on the market.

Length of Procedure 

Approximately 30 - 60 minutes


From £80

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