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New Dental Patient Exam Belfast

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Maintaining the overall health of our patients teeth and gums is one of our main goals. We achieve this by encouraging several dental checks and hygienist visits per year. We welcome all new patients both young and old. We understand that a trip to the dentist can cause apprehension, so building a relationship of trust is really important to us and we strive to make the patients journey as pleasant as possible. We prioritise patient experience to create and provide excellent dental treatments.

A complete health history will be taken to provide us with a broad understanding of your individual needs. We will take the time to understand your lifestyle, past treatments and procedures, and are able to talk through any concerns.  Your first appointment will involve a thorough examination, x-rays and diagnosis. Your dentist will take time to discuss the findings and any concerns you may have. We will provide you with a complete treatment plan along with payment options. A new dental patient exam in Belfast & Hillsborough is your time to ask questions and gain knowledge about oral health.

Length of procedure

30-45 minutes


Members: £80

Non Members: £80

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We currently have two locations, with a 3rd opening this year. Please see below for more details.