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Broken, discoloured and misaligned teeth can be aesthetically improved with the help of crowns.

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If a tooth is heavily broken sometimes a filling just won't work. A crown can help hold cracked teeth together and protect the tooth from further damage. It acts like a cap over the tooth which protects the tooth from weakening further whilst also maintaining the tooth’s natural shape. There are many materials that crowns are made from, we mainly use ceramic materials which are strong, durable and natural in colour.

There are two steps involved in the preparation of the crown. The first step is to create the shape for the crown, this will be done by removing a layer of your tooth.  The next step is to take an impression of your teeth which will be sent to the lab.  The lab technician will custom make your crown.  A temporary crown will be placed at the first visit.  Once the crown is returned from the lab it can then be fitted by your dentist using strong cement. Your tooth will be restored to normal function.

Length of procedure

Approximately 90 minutes


Members: From £630

Non Members: From £700

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