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Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes reddening of the skin predominantly on the face, and in some cases patients also get little bumps and pimples on top of the redness, which is why rosacea is often confused with acne. Most sufferers experience flare-ups which reoccur over time.  The condition is aggravated by over production of oil from sebaceous glands, hormonal changes, sun exposure, UVA/UVB, stress, climatic changes and some foods such as coffee, spicy foods and alcohol.  Unfortunately, the condition itself currently has no cure, but innovative treatments and products can help to drastically improve symptoms.

We won't be able to cure rosacea, but we can radically reduce symptoms with innovative treatments and skin care which have helped many patients to noticeably improve not only their rosacea and their confidence and well being too.





We currently have two locations in Northern Ireland. Please see below for more details.