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Although there are many different types of skin conditions, sensitive skin is one of the most common skin complaints. Whilst sensitive skin is not classed as a medical condition itself, it can cause a variety of issues for the sufferer both physically and mentally.

If you’ve ever experienced slight redness on your skin that is itchy or feels tight, you’ve most likely experienced some skin sensitivity. Although it may seem random, there is a valid biological reason as to why this occurs in certain individuals and not others. The outer layer of our skin acts like a barrier to keep harmful properties out of the skin, however in order for this barrier to work properly it must contain a certain amount of moisture. As our skin is exposed to many different things in the environment, this barrier can weaken with air conditioning, cold weather and harsh chemicals being some of the most common culprits. Your skin’s PH level is also an important factor when understanding sensitive skin. The outer layer of the skin has a more acidic PH level (5.5). Detrimental factors to this layer, as mentioned above, will cause the PH level in the skin to drop, thus becoming sensitive due to the weakened barrier.





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