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Scars are permanent marks left on the surface of the skin after an injury or wound has healed. As a natural part of the healing process they are not uncommon, with causes including surgery and certain skin conditions such as acne. Despite their commonality, the severity and placement can lead individuals with heavy or visible scarring to feel self-conscious and lacking in confidence.

When the skin is injured and there is a break in the tissue, the body begins to produce more collagen to heal the affected area. The collagen then builds up in the area where the skin tissue has been damaged to help heal and strengthen it.

After approximately three months, the collagen continues to form around the affected area causing the blood supply to increase, which in turn causes the scar to become raised, coarse and red in colour. In order to reduce the likelihood of acne cysts or deep cuts becoming scarred tissue, keep the area clean and try not to squeeze pimples.

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