If you’ve already improved your figure with diet and exercise and you’re just not interested in a surgical procedure to reduce small pockets of fat, we have good news for you.  There is a new way to accomplish your fat reduction goals without surgery - CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a results-driven, breakthrough procedure that helps shift stubborn bulges.

Harnessing revolutionary Cryolipolysis technology, the CoolSculpting® system uses extremely low temperatures to kill fat cells without damaging the skin above. CoolSculpting employs Cryolipolysis™, a patented FDA-cleared method that uses carefully controlled cooling to remove unwanted fat in isolated areas of the body to create the ideal silhouette.

Unfortunately, some people have pockets of excess fat that just won’t go away.  Renowned as the non-surgical alternative to liposuction, CoolSculpting does not harm the skin or other tissue and acts strictly on fat cells. Once the fat cells are treated, the procedure actually freezes those stubborn fat cells to the exact point of breakdown. They are gradually eliminated through your body’s own metabolic processes, reducing the thickness of the fat layer.  It does this while leaving healthy tissue intact, meaning you experience no downtime, no recovery period, and no discomfort.

Even the fittest of individuals often turn to surgical and non-surgical methods of fat removal to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that are frequently unresponsive to diet and exercise. If you’re looking to eliminate stubborn fat, CoolSculpting may be the perfect option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Coolsculpting is a highly bespoke treatment. Our Coolsculpting experts will begin your consultation by discussing your concerns and budget. After an in-dept consultation discussing your goals,  the area will be physically assessed. Once we clearly understand what your goals are and have been able to measure your treatment areas, we will talk you through a number of different options on how to sculpt the body you have always wanted! Prices start at £700, with the average patient spending around £2,500. There are further cost savings when multiple areas are being treated.

    The typical candidate for CoolSculpting may need one or two treatments. In order to best assess you and your goals, please book a free consultation with us.

    Scientists have learned that fat is sensitive to cold, therefore by treating fat pockets with CoolSculpting, you can expect a permanent reduction of the density and size of fat. Cryolipopolosis works because fat cells are less hardy than other cells. Meaning they succumb to colder temperatures much sooner than skin cells.  This enables controlled-cooling to effectively freeze fat cells without harming surrounding skin or tissue. Once the fat cells are frozen, they go through apoptosis, or cellular death, and are gradually metabolized by the body and are removed as waste. Once the fat is destroyed, it is gone for good.

Length Of Procedure 

35 minutes per cycle


From £700 per cycle

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