Orthodontic Treatments

Clear Ceramic Fixed Brace

Tooth coloured brackets and wires are used to gently move teeth into the perfect position.

About Service

How your teeth look can affect your self confidence and making the decision to straighten your teeth can be exciting and a little daunting. You may be excited about having a new, straight smile, but concerned about how you will look while your teeth are changing. Unlike traditional metal braces, our clear brace system uses ceramic brackets which are discreet and blend with your natural teeth.

Tooth coloured brackets are safely bonded to your teeth and a system of wires will gently guide your teeth back into alignment. Ceramic braces can treat exactly the same type of orthodontic problems as traditional fixed braces. They are excellent for correcting teeth that are overcrowded, unwanted spaces or teeth that are rotated or protruding.

The main benefit of choosing ceramic braces is their discreet appearance. They are much more cosmetically appealing than traditional fixed metal braces and are still able to deliver the same results.

Length of procedure

Individual to each patient - Approximately 6-18 months


Members: From £1,800

Non Members: From £2,000

Frequently Asked Questions

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